Animal Proofers Safely Removes Honey Bees and Transports Endangered Bess to their New Home.

Animal Proofers safely removes and transports Honey Bees to beekeepers in Georgia. Watch a video as Animal Proofers removes a colony and nest. Honeybee numbers have been on the decline in recent years; they are vital in pollinating crops that we plant for food worldwide. Although it isn’t illegal to kill pest honeybees that become a nuisance wildlife issue for people we always try to catch and remove them alive to keep numbers higher. They’re worth so much more alive to us and the planet so that’s how we’ll continue to address Honeybee issues people have. The honey they make is a huge commodity that brings income to local farmers and creates jobs. We’re proud to do what we can to make a negative nuisance bee problem into a positive outcome for all of us and our planet.