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How do bats get into homes?

Bats must enter through existing openings and gaps. They don’t chew wood or tear though as rodents do. When bats have used a spot for entry for a period, they’ll leave dark oily dirty streaks on the spot where they are crawling in and out of your home. Oils from the bat’s fur rub off on the paint or wood and are visible. These marks are a clear sign you have an infestation, and it’s time to evict them.  Bats have babies in the summer months, and that’s when they’re most active. Most leave in the winter to warmer climates in the south, but some stay around in North Ga in the milder winters.  Do not kill bats, they are excluded from homes and structures only and removed humanely through one-way exit systems.

  • We practice only humane removal and relocation
  • Bats can carry diseases like rabies, Nipah virus, Hendra, Ebola, and Marburg that are harmful to humans
  • Bats are good as they are for the ecosystem but do serious damage to homes where they roost
  • Bats get into homes through open gable vents, walls, attics, soffits and eaves
  • Bats can be very noisy in your attic from all the scratching and moving around.

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Bats can be very noisy in your attic

Bats can be very noisy in your attic from all the scratching, moving and high pitch chirps.

  • Bats like to live inside structures to stay warm and out of the elements.
  • Bats carry Bat bugs which are like giant bedbugs and over time can start entering the home
  • Clean up from a bat infestation is almost always recommended
  • We add antibacterial solution after bats are removed, and areas have been cleaned
Bat Clean Up and Removal

Who Are We?

There are around 14 species of bats in Georgia. Bats become a nuisance wildlife problem for people when they start entering homes and buildings to roost and live. Bats play a critical role in the ecosystem. They eat millions of flying insects including mosquitoes. However, as good as they are for the ecosystem they do severe damage to homes where they roost.

Bats are filthy critters. They urinate and defecate where they roost which becomes very soiled over time and puts off a strong toxic odor. The urine will soak into the wood vents and framework of your home and will ruin it. Bat droppings in vents and attics will accumulate in piles under their roost and over time poses significant health risks.

A Professional like Animal Proofers Ensures Removal of the Infestation and Your Home is Animal Proofed Correctly

Animal Proofers serves to protect your family and home from nuisance bats.