How to Get Rid of Squirrels?

Step 1: Confirm entry points where squirrels enter a home or building.

You cannot always see the entry points from looking outside from the ground. Most of the time, it takes tall ladders to climb and get a closer look like technicians from Animal Proofers will do.  Sometimes you can see the entry points just standing on the ground looking at the house. You might see a chew hole in the wood around a power line that enters the side of a gable, a chew hole in a soffit or eave, or a chew hole close to the gutter on fascia board.

Squirrels leave dirt and oil marks around an entry point if they’ve been using it long enough from the oils rubbing off their fur.  Chew holes and oil marks are a clear indication of an infestation and will only get worse, if untreated.

Step 2: Set up a live trapping process and install one-way exit system.

Set up a live trapping process to catch and relocate the squirrels. Also, a one-way exit valve can be fitted over the entry point that lets the squirrels exit on their own and blocks them from re-entering the entrance hole.

Step 3: Seal and close all open gaps and entry points

Seal and close all open gaps and entry points around structure and roofline edge with steel screen and other Animal Proof material that’s called Animal Proofing or exclusion work. Animal Proofing is the only way to keep squirrels out of your home or building permanently which is what most home owners and property owners want to accomplish.

Extreme infestations in an attic where squirrels have been inside for months or even years, they can contaminate the insulation with feces and urine to the point that it leaves a strong odor and can be a health concern for the human occupants living in the home. If this is the case we recommend an attic restoration where we vacuum out all the soiled insulation and droppings, apply a disinfectant/odor digester then reinsulate the attic with new insulation.

This process can be dangerous, dirty, and it is recommended to have a professional licensed, and insured company remove the squirrels from your attic, home or building. 

Animal Proofers specializes in permanently Animal Proofing (exclusion) the holes and gaps in the structure to keep them from getting back in. 

We offer cleanout, if necessary, and vacuum out all soiled insulation and droppings. Then apply antibacterial odor digester and reinsulate areas.