Rat, Mice & Rodent Removal & Cleanup

How to get rid of rodents in homes and buildings?


How to get rid of rats in homes and buildings

Rats (rodents) are one of the most populated and largest pest control problems for humanity. Mice and Rat Problems start to occur when they find openings and gaps in the structures of homes and buildings and start nesting inside walls, attics, crawl spaces, basements, ceilings, and floors. You will start to hear scratching or gnaw in the wall or ceiling at night or even in daytime, or maybe you will start to notice rat droppings in your attic or basement. These are the early stages of a rodent infestation that will indeed worsen and multiply if left untreated over time.

Rats and Mice enter homes and buildings to nest and live. Inside they can escape the elements, avoid predators, use insulation to nest and have babies. Rats can have 2-3 litters of babies in a year.  That can get out of hand fast if untreated

Eventually, rats will try to enter the living area and start making their way to your kitchen to get into your family’s food.  Now it has gone too far, and it is time to call a professional Rodent removal specialist.

Rat and Mice control services performed by Animal Proofers will permanently fix this problem because we specialize in Animal Proofing (exclusion). We seal the openings and gaps in the structure to keep critters out for good. Some examples of rat damage and signs to look for are chewed holes in wooden facia, soffits, crawlspace doors, A.C lines, foundation vents, and gable vents.  Rats chew on everything from wood, plastic, rubber, electrical lines causing visible and unsightly damage.

Damages caused by rodents on or in your home is not covered under most homeowners ins policies. Rats have to chew on things to keep their teeth filed down because rodents teeth do not stop growing. That means your home is getting chewed up internally causing damage.  Norway rats, Roof rats, Eastern Grey Wood rats are the most common we deal with in this region.

Rats are filthy vermin that damage food supplies carry diseases, fleas, infest and destroy structures. They leave droppings and urinate everywhere they go leaving behind strong foul odors and harmful bacteria. Animal Proofers offers Attic Cleanout and deodorizer as well.

Some infestations have gone on so long inside a home that cleanout and sanitation must be performed because it has become a health hazard. We remove soiled insulation, vacuum feces, and debris, replace damaged wood or drywall. Apply antibacterial cleaners and deodorizer. The first step is identifying the entry points, getting them sealed to keep rats out permanently, trapping, removal, one-way exit valves to let them back out but not back in. Once the rodents are gone and not coming back, we then move to the clean out stage if needed.

What Attracts Rats & Mice Inside a Home or Building?

Having pets inside or in your yard like dogs can attract rats especially places that hold a lot of them like breeders or dog rescues out of a house.  They try to eat their food and get into the living area. By keeping all open food and bowls off the floors after feeding your pets, will prevent them from getting scraps and staying around to eat. Keep all bags of food stored in metal garbage cans or inside closed cabinets inaccessible for the rats to get into.  Keep counters and floors clean of food crumbs or other foods you might leave out. These steps will help to keep rats and rodents from coming into a food source.

How To Identify Rat Droppings?

Rat feces is about 1/4″ up 1″ in length depending on species and size of rat. They are dark in color and look like a large piece of rice. Rats will leave droppings anywhere they walk and travel through. Common places you will find rat droppings are behind stoves, rat droppings in attics, rat droppings in crawl spaces, rat droppings in the basement, rat droppings in the kitchen.

To get rid of rodents your house, attic, walls, or gable vents