Chimney Capping Prevents Pest Problems

Animal Proofers Chimney Capping Specialist in North Atlanta

Animal Proofers Chimney Capping Specialist in North Atlanta

If your house has chimney you need to seriously consider chimney capping. The chimney is a common place for wildlife to enter your home. Chimney capping is designed to keep wildlife from entering your chimney. In addition chimney capping protects your home from the elements like rain, snow, leaves and branches.

Animal Proofers has dealt with many chimney area infestations of raccoons, bats, mice, rats, squirrels and birds through the years. The area of entry is most often the top of the chimney.


Your home is vulnerable even if the opening is tiny. Mice and rats are especially can squeeze through tiny spaces. Once inside, the mice, rats, birds or squirrels nest. They sometimes get into walls and often take over your attic. It is truly horrible when one of these uninvited critters dies behind a wall or in the attic.  A strange smell might be the first indication that raccoons, bats, mice, rats, squirrels, or birds invading your home. This happens to a lot of people.  Eventually the disgusting smell permeates the house and it is obvious that something is dead somewhere and they call an expert for help like us.

Chimney Capping Works Year-Round

The areas north of Atlanta, Georgia have to worry about bats, rats, mice, raccoons and birds getting inside all year round. In the cold months animals look for a warm place to shelter. In the Spring animals search for a nice warm, quiet place to have their young.

Animal Proofers Chimney Capping Experts (After Pic)

Animal Proofers Chimney Capping Experts (After Pic)

Animal Proofers Chimney Capping Experts (Before Pic)

Animal Proofers Chimney Capping Experts (Before Pic)

Many animals choose to start reproducing in a chimney.  Not a capped chimney by the way. Not only do these home invaders give birth to their young, but also build a nest with combustible materials like straw, grass, and sticks.

Bottom line, we service the North Atlanta area including counties Cobb, Cherokee, DeKalb, North Fulton, Gwinnett, and Jackson. we recommend chimney capping for every home and structure with a chimney. Keep critters out with chimney capping your chimney. Preventing animals and pests from entering is the best way to safeguard your home and your loved ones.

Animal Proofers will inspect your chimney and the rest of your home.  We will show you what you can do to avoid infestation.  Affordable prevention is always the best thing you can do to feel secure in your home.


This is our 16th year in business.

Our staff has well over 25 years of hands on experience.

Vast knowledge of the nuisance wildlife North of the Atlanta area.


Animal Proofers is locally owned and operated family business.

We have earned a reputation for superior service and excellent work.

We service the communities North of Atlanta.


Animal Proofers will complete an inspection of your home or building.

Our chimney capping protects your home and prevents wildlife problems.


Our solutions keeps critters out and are meant to last.

All repair and prevention work is uniform and neat cosmetically.

We guarantee to fix it for free if our work fails.

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