Animal Proofers February Special

Save 15% on All Rodent & Squirrel Removal Services for February.

Animal Proofers, North Atlanta’s nuisance wildlife pest control, removal & exclusion experts. We specialize in solutions to protect your home or business against rats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, bats, snakes, and opossums by sealing open gaps and entry points where these animals get into the structure from the outside. Homeowners and property owners not only want us to remove the wild animals but also want to make sure they can’t get back in. We specialize in Animal Proofing to keep them out of structures permanently.

Nuisance wildlife can damage the interior and exterior of almost any structure.   Animals tear and chew through siding or wood which leaves your home exposed to the elements and vulnerable to other animal invaders. Animal Proofers will replace damaged areas of the exterior and seal gaps to prevent a new infestation. Sealing up these exposed areas is the only way to keep nuisance wildlife and even large insects and large spiders out for good. Animal Proofing your home or building is an excellent way to protect your investment from wildlife and pest damage that your homeowner’s insurance in most cases won’t cover.

We strive to offer options to fit any budget. Since we have been in business for over 15 years; our experience allows us to identify problems quickly, determine your best options, and completely the work promptly.  All work is guaranteed.